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Awarded the Degree of LL.B. (Honours) by the University of London on September 25, 1970.

Accepted for Membership in the Professional Division of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia (R.I.(B.C.)) on January 24, 1972.

Awarded the degree of M.Sc. in Urban Land Appraisal by the University of Reading on December 15, 1973.

Awarded the Degree of J.D. by the University of British Columbia in May, 1978.

Elected a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (F.R.I.C.S.) on January 22, 1980.

Accepted for Membership in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (M.C.I. Arb.) on October 1, 1984.

Accepted as a Chartered Arbitrator by the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Canada (C.Arb.) on January 18, 1997.

Awarded the Degree of LL.M. by the University of British Columbia on May 26, 2011.

Resigned from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Working Experience

September 1968 - May 1969                             Metro Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Assessment Assistant

November 1969 - May 1972                             Land Use Officer for the Fraser Indian District of Department of Indian Affairs and 

                                                                      Northern Development

September 1973 - July 1978                               President, Graham Allen Limited, Land Management Consultants

July 1978 - July 1979                                         Articled Law Student with Shrum, Liddle & Hebenton

August 1979 - March 1984                                Sole practitioner as W. Graham Allen, Barrister and Solicitor

April 1984 - September 1986                             Partner in the firm of Gardner, Snarch & Allen

October 1986 - February 2006                           Partner in the firm of Snarch and Allen

March 2006 - December 2013                           Associate Counsel, Boughton Law Corporation

January 2014 - Current                                       Retired member of Law Society. Available for mediations and arbitrations

                                                                      Graham Allen has served in all capacities in arbitration proceedings during the past 30

                                                                      years, as counsel, sole arbitrator, nominee and Chairman of the panel. During this

                                                                      period, he has been involved in more than 160 arbitrations, 90% of which were

                                                                      concerned with rental or land valuation disputes. He has also been involved in more   

                                                                      than a dozen mediations. 

                                                                      He received the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia's 2017 Award of Excellence. 

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